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Linger bridal showers are one of the most exciting styles of celebration you can plan for the Bride-to-be. They offer you a chance to embrace certain aspects that are traditional to the bridal shower while still giving you a chance to offer a modern take on the occasion.

There are a number of great styles for you to choose from. Each style features a striking and elegant, even sexy, nature that will allow you make the theme for the shower a prominent part of your invitation. This will allow you to offer your guests a little sneak peak into what you might have planned for the lingerie bridal shower. And give them a chance to make the appropriate preparations for the bridal shower. We will look at the different categories to give you some ideas as well as inspiration for your lingerie shower.

But what is a lingerie shower? And how does it differ from a traditional bridal shower?

The Lingerie Bridal Shower

What makes a lingerie shower different from other types of bridal showers? Is it the sexy nature of lingerie that gives it a slightly seductive character? Or is it the fact that many of today’s bridal showers have diverged, moving away from the traditional features that were an understood part of a bridal shower for years? This is a question that is difficult to answer without first looking at the different styles of bridal shower so that we can compare them to the lingerie shower.

Many of today’s bridal shower reflect the changes that have been made over the years in the entire bridal shower celebration. Where you would once see a varied mixture of elements at a shower you now find a set of fixed themes. These can span a wide range of different motifs, but in the end they tend to focus on specific aspects that leave some of the other elements out. When you see tea party and garden showers, showers that now focus on what was once a common part of just about every celebration being touted as a unique style it becomes clear that they trend has moved away from a catch all shower.

There are options for everyone, and plenty of help on how to pick invitations, this is because you may not yet be certain what you want to focus on.

And that is where a beautiful lingerie shower will suite your needs to perfection.

You see the lingerie shower is not a fixed format bridal shower. It actually offers a wide number of options that do not get often combine in a specific for of shower. And in fact they give you the chance to experiment and add a little nostalgia to the celebration.

This site is a testimony to the versatility of this type of shower, to the flexibility of lingerie invitations, and for an incredible chance to host something different.

So how do you choose an invitation for your lingerie shower? Well I am pleased that you asked.

Choosing Lingerie Shower Invitations

While there are a number of great options when it comes to finding the right style for the lingerie shower there are also a number of general styles that give you a great amount of freedom when it comes to setting the tone for the celebration. This freedom becomes more apparent when you begin to customize the template to fit with your lingerie shower.

Unlike other shops that offer basic templates that either need to be completed per-hand or designs that do not allow you to change the specific design elements, the invitations that you will find on this site give you a chance to do all of that and much more.

When you design your invitation you will be given access, free access, to an incredible range of tools that allow you to change the text, design elements, paper type (and thickness), as well as the shape of the card itself.

Would you like to learn more? Then click on one of the invitations for your lingerie shower and see just how easy it is to customize the card to your party needs.

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Lingerie Shower Invitation Styles

Beyond the standard styles that you would expect to find for your lingerie shower you can also order invitations that compliment the different aspects of this special type of celebration.

Each of these sections features a different type of lingerie shower invitation that will help you offer your guest of honor something a little different.

Black Lingerie Shower Invitations

One of the most requested styles of lingerie invitation is the black variant. And there is little room to question why. There are many different styles of lingerie, but one of the most popular types come almost exclusively in black.

These seductive invitations offer a way to compliment the bridal shower and set the stage for an elegant celebration in honor of the Bride-to-be. Not only will she have an unforgeable time at the shower she will be well stocked with lingerie for her honeymoon.

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Burlap Lingerie Shower Invitations

If black lingerie is the most popular option then the burlap invitations have to the second most popular style of lingerie shower invitation on the site. And there is no wonder why. These lovely designs offer a beautiful combination of styles that give you the best of two popular styles. The rustic looking nature of the invitations combined with delicate lace are a perfect fit.

Invitations that offer you a rustic look take many of the different characteristics that make up the standard lingerie shower. They shape them in a number of different ways so that they fit your interpretation of what makes the celebration warm, familiar, and at the same time memorable.

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Glitter Lingerie Shower Invitations

Add that sparkle to your lingerie invitations, make them shine for your lingerie shower by picking one of these fantastic glitter designs.

Please be aware that these cards do not come with actual glitter glued to them. All designs include a printed glitter for convenience.

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Red Lingerie Shower Invitations

We have given you a number of different options for your lingerie shower, we started with a black option that is sure to thrill, but what about red lingerie? Red lingerie shower invitations give you a wonderful opportunity to wow them. This color comes in close behind black and it has been praised for its seductive nature.

This set is one of the newest additions to the website. We’ve been in the process of expanding our offering of lingerie invitations to give you the best selection of designs for your bridal shower. And what collection could be complete without these amazing red designs. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at these amazing invitations to see how fabulous they can look.

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Ideas for Lingerie Showers

There are plenty of ways that you can host a lingerie shower. In fact we have already covered several of them extensively. But what happens when it comes time to host the shower? What makes a good lingerie shower?

The ability to plan a lingerie shower really depends on the guest of honor. Is the Bride-to-be a person that likes to be made the focus of attention? Or are they the type of person that likes to take a low profile? Either of these types will still get a lot out of a bridal shower with a lingerie theme. Here is an example of such a shower that will give you some insight into what goes into planning a bridal shower like this.

Everybody has the chance to have the shower that they enjoy when they are given a lingerie themed bridal shower. And now you have the perfect opportunity to find the right invitations for the occasion.